At Nevada Coastal, we offer a comprehensive suite of different ATM solutions to our merchant partners. Excellent value, secure, efficient and built on good relationships, and open communication. Our complete ATM service is rapidly becoming the first choice for retail and other outlets. We make sure your customers’ money is always available and conveniently accessible by providing one of the largest cash machine networks anywhere.

Depending on your business’ unique needs, your ATM needs will differ. That’s why we offer our customers flexibility when it comes to providing them with ATM solutions. We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase their own ATM machines outright and we also own and operate ATM fleets on behalf of our customers. We offer these services to any retailer. Our turnkey solution includes everything you need to offer your in-store customers the convenience of secure and reliable ATM access in your location. If you would rather own your ATM’s, we offer a variety of servicing options, from processing to full cash provisioning and maintenance. All of our ATM placement and processing packages include online web reports. Simply speak to one of our team members today to find out which of our ATM solutions is best suited for your business needs.

Reasons to have an ATM:

  • Increased footfall – ATM’s have a positive impact on customer footfall, attracting more customer visits to a store or other location.
  • Increased in-store spend – Retailers with an in-store ATM see customers increase their average spend by 65% after using an in-store ATM.
  • Increased customer loyalty – as many as 68% of consumers assume that an ATM will be provided in-store and expressed disappointment when there was no in-store access to cash.
  • Provides an additional revenue source.
  • We help select the right solution on an individual basis every time, we will always promote the right solution for each customer rather than driving you in one direction.

With a dedicated team of technical staff and several processing vendor relationships, we are able to find the ATM Processing Solution which gives the most advantageous transaction management to our customer base. In today’s very competitive ATM marketplace, Nevada Coastal provides ATM processing solutions that offer a competitive advantage, while simplifying operations for our clients as much as possible. Once an ATM has been installed and processing has been established, we provide a dependable and secure processing platform for hassle-free transaction activity and reporting for our merchant partners.