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    Nevada Coastal, based in Shreveport, Louisiana , was founded in 2010, providing credit card processing services and ATM solutions to businesses across a range of sectors. Our staff, having worked in the payments and ATM industry for many years saw a gap in the market, putting the quality of service, reduced costs and customer focus at the forefront of Nevada Coastal’s business model. With clients spanning the Food & Beverage ,Grocery, Connivence Store, Entertainment, Festivals, Fairs Automobile, Retail industries, Nevada Coastal supports their diverse client-base with their varied and specialized suite of credit card payment processing and ATM Solutions.

    Nevada Coastal are experts in the ATM industry and have developed a reputation for our unmatched service, providing expert support and advice to our merchant partners. We specialize in increasing your bottom line while putting cash and spending power in your customers hands. We are a one stop shop for ATM and CREDIT CARD PROCESSING solutions and offer unparalleled flexibility to our customers when it comes to providing our services. Whether you are in need of an ATM or want to ELIMINATE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES outright for your premises, we have a solution that will suit your needs. You might be looking for one ATM or CREDIT CARD PROCESSING for a single location or you might want a provider who can maintain a fleet of ATM’s OR PROCESS CREDIT CARDS at multiple sites, whatever your preference is, we can provide a fully-bespoke service to give you and your business exactly what you need. ATM and CREDIT CARD PROCESSING downtime means less convenience for your customers and less profits for you. That’s why our dedicated maintenance team is always on hand to help and will never let our machines or terminals run out of cash or be out of service for long.

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    We offer our credit card processing services with zero processing fees for our merchant partners and provide free credit card terminals – that’s right, we won’t just lower the fees you’re currently paying, we’ll eliminate them entirely.

    Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing


    • No processing fee’s for merchant
    • No equipment fee
    • No setup fee
    • More to your bottom line profits instantly.
    ATM Solutions

    ATM Solutions

    • Free ATM
    • Free Website
    • Full Service Cash loading